Eyebrow Threading

Roop’s Beauty Care Eyebrow Threading Service

Eyebrow ThreadingWhat Is Eyebrow Threading?

If you are new to the eyebrow threading world, we’ll make sure to explain everything when you come in for your first appointment. But to summarize, threading is the process of removing hair using a double cotton thread that is rolled back and forth. The thread twists around the hairs and pulls them out.

Get the Perfect Eyebrows in No Time

Is managing your fuller eyebrows more of a struggle than it should be? Get everything under control with help from Roop’s Beauty Care. Our experienced stylists use a proven eyebrow threading technique that removes unwanted hair quickly. You’ll have perfect brows in no time!

Threading Takes Only A Matter Of Minutes!

Threading is an ancient method to get rid of unwanted hairs from eyebrow, nose, upper-lips, chin, forehead and your full face originating in regions like India and Iran. It is just a 5-minute process of forming your eyebrows or removing facial hair through a cotton thread to pluck undesired hairs giving your eyebrows or facial hair the perfect desired shape.

Threading involves plucking individuals hair, which gives a perfect shape to your brows.

  • It removes unnecessary hair follicles from the root without causing much pain.
  • Better than waxing or shaving by reducing the risk of skin burning or breaking.
  • Repeatedly threading reduces hair growth over time.
  • Great for people who have sensitive skin or prone to skin burns or breaks.
  • It is a simple and easy method to remove your hairs.
  • Unlike waxing, threading is a safe method as it has very little contact with the skin.
  • It exfoliates your dead skin i.e. upper layer of your skin; to revive your facial look.